The firm, while initially being run under a sole proprietorship has evolved towards becoming a legal partnership formed by Atty. Fortun with one of his most steadfast and distinguished associates, Atty. Angelo Nino B. Santos.

Founding Partner
Atty. Raymond Parsifal A. Fortun

Atty. Angelo Nino B. Santos

Introduction of Office

The firm was first organized in the year 2004 as Raymond Fortun Law Offices, under the leadership and auspices of its founding partner, Atty. Raymond Parsifal A. Fortun. A distinguished graduate of the University of the Philippines College of Law, and widely recognized for his expertise as a member of the defense team for then President Joseph Estrada in the first impeachment trial in the Philippines, Atty. Fortun eventually became a known figure in the field of the legal profession. Known for handling highly sensitive and controversial cases, all of which played an important role towards making Atty. Fortun one of the top litigators and among the most sought after lawyers in the country. READ MORE

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